• See us on AZ Central Live TV!

    Seth Thurston Personal Trainer Live on AZ Central Watch the video to see Personal Trainer Seth Thurston on live TV as he explains how to get a body like Hercules. #TeamHercules workout program lays out the whole program from the 5 day workout split to the complete meal plan Dwayne Johnson follows to get his body at his peak for Read More
  • Winners in NPC Terminator 2014

    Congratulations to the TPT Team members who competed in this years NPC Terminator July 12, 2014. Everyone did a fantastic job, this is an experience to remember, to learn from, and to enjoy. A competitor's dream is to place, but not everyone can win. What matters the most is that you are the best you can be and LEARN from Read More
  • Miss Arizona USA 2013 Pageant Winner

    Congratulations to Rachel Kasang for winning Miss Arizona 2013! This is the result of hard work and dedication. Let's all support her as she will now be competing in Miss USA 2013! Miss USA 2013 beauty pageant will be in Las Vegas in June! Representing Miss Maricopa County USA, Rachel is 19 years old Model and Certified Laser Technician. Her Read More
  • Stand Up Desks - Seth on Channel 12 News!

    Don't miss out as Seth Thurston contributes to a story about stand up desks on Arizona Channel 12 News! In an effort to promote motion and exercises in the community Stacia Naquin put together a story revolving around standing desks and their befinits. Seth Thurston says "Standing desks burn more calories when standing up just because your standing up and Read More
  • 12 News - How to get a Swimmers Body

    A question you might be asking is "Do I need to win 22 Olympic medals to look like Michael Phelps?" It's a good thing the answer to that is NO! In order to get a swimmers body you need to have lean muscular symmetry. Which means strong legs, core, and upper body to glide you smoothly and swiftly through the Read More
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Professional Fitness and Group Training for Arizona

Body Sculpting: The Key to Continual Motivation in the Gym: Most people work out for two main reasons—to have a healthier, stronger body, and to be their most physically fit and confident selves.  While this article will discuss aspects of health and strength, we will be discussing mainly one of the central tenets that Thurston Personal Training and Fitness is based upon: the art of body sculpting for perfect proportion and maximum aesthetic appeal.  Sculpting your body to be perfectly in proportion (your head, chest, torso, hips, and legs in the ideal symmetry and visual equality) to y

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What is HIIT? Is it for me? Where do I start? As you gear up to get started on your workout program, one type of training that you must make sure you’re giving some thought and consideration to is HIIT training.  HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training, is a type of training that is going to push the boundaries on your physical capabilities all while taking your fitness level to heights that you have not experienced before. While HIIT training is not suitable for someone who is brand new to fitness as it does require a base level of fitness first before you attempt these

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  Competitive Edge: Sports success and conditioning tips Nutrition is one of the most important fundamentals of an athlete. Proper nutrition is required to give adequate energy to achieve top performance during games, training, recovery after workouts is essential to reach the desired goal. "Most athletes don't know enough about nutrition or supplementation and because of this aren't getting what they need to optimally progress and perform" says Sports Personal Trainer Seth Thurston. Tip #1 Eat for your goal Many times athletes are trying to either "bulk up" to increase strength

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